Perry’s Water Gardens

Perry’s Water Gardens

The Blue Ridge Mountains seem like an unlikely place to find a water garden. Perry’s Water Gardens in the Cowee Valley near Franklin, NC is home to a huge variety of water plants. Perry’s Water Gardens was founded in 1980 by Perry D. Slocum as a retirement project to pursue hybridizing.

Perry's Water Gardens
Perry’s Water Gardens

If you’re in Western North Carolina between April 1st and Labor Day be sure to visit the gardens. The photos on this page were taken at Perry’s. Perry Slocum is a legendary figure who is known world-wide for his lifelong commitment to developing & hybridizing water lilies & lotuses.

There is an extensive profile of Perry Slocum’s accomplishments at the Victoria Adventure website.

The Perry’s Water Gardens complex encompases 12 acres of aquatic ponds that are the home to many varieties of water lilies and lotuses. The blooming season atarts in May and continues into August.

Perry’s Water Gardens are said to be the largest commercial aquatic nursery in the US and are a must see for the photo opportunist. Water Lilies and Lotuses are also available for purchase. The peak of the blooming season is July. Water lilies and Lotus, as well as many Bog and Poolside plants are in full bloom at this time.

According to Perry’s owners, the best time of day to view their Nymphaea (water lilies varieties) is 10 am to 2pm whereas many varieties don’t begin to open until between 9am and 10am and likewise begin to close slowly after 2pm. Nymphaea (water lilies) begin to bloom early April and began to decrease blooming in early September.

The same time of day applies also to the Nelumbo (Lotus varieties). They open and close their blooms also. Nelumbo begin to bloom in mid June and begin to decrease flowering in the first part of August in this region.

To view our Water Iris varieties April is the month they show their colors.

Perry’s is open for sales throughout the year, but would like for you to call before visiting from October thru March.

Visit Highlands Photography to see many more photographs of the treasures at Perry’s Water Gardens.